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Forward Regulatory Plan: 2019 to 2021 – Marketplace Framework Policy Branch

Regulatory Initiative: Copyright Board Decision-Making Deadlines

Enabling act(s)

Copyright Act


New regulations will be made pursuant to Part VII of the Copyright Act to specify deadlines by which the Board must render final decisions in its proceedings.

Regulatory cooperation efforts (domestic and international)

The proposal is unrelated to a work plan or commitment under a formal regulatory cooperation forum.

Potential impacts on Canadians, including businesses

The proposal is not anticipated to have any associated costs for Canadians or businesses. Rather, it is expected to benefit all parties interacting with the Board by providing greater market certainty, among other benefits.


Consultations on general policy direction have already taken place. In 2015 the Copyright Board of Canada consulted on their Operations, Procedures and Processes,  and in 2017 Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Canadian Heritage and the Copyright Board of Canada consulted more broadly on Options for Reform to the Copyright Board. There will be further opportunity to consult on specific draft regulations in early 2019.

Further information

Reforms to the Copyright Board of Canada

Departmental contact information

Martin Simard
Director, Copyright and Trademark Policy, Marketplace Framework Policy Branch
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada / Government of Canada / 343-291-3163

Date the regulatory initiative was first included in the Forward Regulatory Plan

April 2018

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