Regulations Amending the Schedule to the Witness Protection Program Act (British Columbia Witness Security Program)

Enabling Act(s)

Section 10.1(1) of the Witness Protection Program Act


The Order will add British Columbia's Witness Security Program to the Schedule to the WPPA as a designated program, at the request of British Columbia's Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Designation is a voluntary administrative process which will streamline the process for obtaining federal identity documents for provincial partners.

Potential impacts on Canadians, including businesses

The amendment is administrative in nature. The Order will have no impact on Canadians or businesses.

Regulatory cooperation efforts (domestic and international)

The Government of British Columbia requested that their provincial witness protection program be added to the Schedule to the Witness Protection Program Act. The amendment will better align the provincial and federal programs in order to make obtaining federal identity documents more streamlined and efficient.


The Government of British Columbia has been consulted and has requested that this amendment to the Schedule to the WPPA be made.

Given that there is no impact on other provinces, that this change is administrative in nature, that the affected province requested it, and that it would only impact internal government operations, the Order is exempted from pre-publication.

Public Safety Canada intends to publish the Order in the Canada Gazette, Part II, in Winter 2021.

Further information


Departmental contact information

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Date the regulatory initiative was first included in the Forward Regulatory Plan

October 2020

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